NEXT Creative Tuesdays Theme is...

Think Color. PLUM, actually. In case you are wondering what shade of plum, how about we use this one above (Hex: #582e58 to be digitally precise)? It come from Pantone's very own definition of this colour, vs. any of the other sources out there. If you can only approximate it, that is fine, this is just a guideline of what I'm hoping for: something more in the range of a deep or darker purple, if you will.

Now, what you choose to make plum is entirely up to you this go around. No abstract theme like the last go around@ And, I've made it super easy so am hoping most of you can join in this time or I may simply have to postpone CT altogether! :( I do suspect though that the long absence did not help matters as I took time off to settle here in Yorkshire for now.

Thank you though to Christine and Sue who did play along and I know Donna has something up her sleeve so hope she'll show that with this next entry perhaps? Let's fine out! See you later, if not sooner on my own blog as I endeavour catch up with you all.

In the meantime do enjoy mining the plummy depths of your creative freedoms here. :)

Sign up now for your "JOURNEY!"

Creative Tuesdays is back! I hope everyone has enjoyed the reprieve from the fortnightly challenges and are ready to pitch in their "journey" images here. Feel free to explain why you did your piece as such too. Please sign up below by Tuesday evening (GMT), August 16th. In fact, I might give us all until the morning of the 17th here (In UK) so, that means closer to midnight, MST.

Can't wait to see who joins in this time. I suspect it will be fewer but any of you who have done something, thank you! It will be fun to see how your both figuratively and literally, arrived at your destination, so to speak. :)