Sparkly New CT Theme due Jan 17th! 
Artwork by Kate Alizadeh

Happy New Year! Welcome back to Creative Tuesdays. It's time to hop on board for a new artistic challenge and what better way to start than with this sparkly visual cue above? This artist's work really exudes movement, spontaneity, energy and fun — perfect for our new theme: DAZZLE ME! There's so many ways one could show this but I wonder how this message (and challenge) will speak to you? ("Me," by the way, does not refer to myself but is simply used for referring to someone being bedazzled or as the dictionary describes it better here.)

Before signing off here (for now), I recognize that participation dropped off with the holidays but as with all new resolutions, there's no time like the present to dust off those right brained cobwebs and activate your creativity and imagination! If you've been on the fence just following along, stopped a while back or are considering some new challenge, we'd so love to have you join us! It's thrilling seeing everyone's individual interpretations and a few more would just add that bit more zest to the mix, don't you think? 

Finally, thank you to those of you have stuck it out, even doing our last theme over the holidays! (And, yes, that theme was seriously challenging.) You know, it's truly your participation that keeps this co-op afloat.

OK, sign art piece up below when complete.  Time to plunge in and start this year off... brilliantly! :)

The story behind the story - due now

Painting by Nigel Van Wieck (NY series)

Where's she going? A new journey or the same old tired one she makes every day? What is she thinking or feeling right now? Is she lost in reverie or perhaps noticing something new? Why are her arms crossed? Is she ruminating on something precious or too afraid of something to let go? You tell me! Through your own artistic interpretation of this piece, tell us the story behind the story.

A new kind of challenge for the new year*, right? Speaking of which, I wonder where our journeys will all take us over the next 12 months? We can only imagine and so we will....well, with this new theme anyway!

I hope each of you find this challenge invigorating. And in the meanwhile, Alex and I are both wishing you the very best for the year ahead. Taking nothing for granted, here's wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to each and everyone of you! Thank you for making this art co-op what it is. I hope I've helped play some small part in stretching your imaginations and growing your artistic/creative talents. For me, at least, Creative Tuesdays is the exact challenge needed to help me make time for art. So with that said, I hope you too will find the time to join us all back here in 2017! You have some time on this one... until Jan 3rd. See you then, if not sooner on your own blogs...which, yes, I'll be checking every now and then when enjoying some well needed down time. I hope you do too.

One final note on something Christine asked: yes, when explaining why you did your art piece as you did, I'm expecting you will naturally delve a bit into that background story with your writing of the post. Make that bit as short or long as you like, supported by the art itself. Thank you. So can;t wait to see what everyone does. I hope you enjoy this theme and surely this one will get the creative juices flowing, right? :)

*New ideas are brewing for this space. If you have any of your own, please do add them below. Thank you!